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We can assist your business in reaching new markets. We will help you every step of the way!


Move your products and services to more geographies. We know how to.


We are well established and know how to go about introducing new products and services to the markets of the countries where we operate.


Imexman Ltd is well established taking its own product range of micromortars and micrometallics to a selection of geographies.  We offer to take your product and service there too.  Read more about our services and business model, and then let's talk!


Going to new places with your business is not easy unless you are established with contacts and in-depth knowledge.  Each place is different, and so is each business.  We know the places we go to, you know your business - let's talk! 

  • Initiation of selected products and services to selected markets

  • Establishment of sales channels and local teams

  • Ongoing support for as long as agreed

  • ​Knowledge of local systems and regulations

  • ​Training of local staff in your complete product and service offering

  • ​Strategic and operational support

  • Selection of specific offering to each market​​

  • Business Coaching


We have a flexible way to work so that you risk the minimum possible by taking your first step to a new place.  After our first meeting we will provide you with a proposal for how we progress, and you will then approve the final, agreed way ahead.

This is our basic assumptions:

  • We know the regulations and the locals, we will take your product or service there and introduce to appropriate channels.

  • We agree upfront what your expectations are, and we will come back to you with anything and everything that needs to be adjusted as we go along.

  • You provide a budget for expenses, we agree up front on what this is and we go to it.

  • Any income for Imexman will be based on a commission of sales.  This commission is discussed and agreed as part of the initial phase.  It can be time limited or ongoing, it all depends on our agreement.

  • If you simply want a consulting report on steps to take, we can provide that too.  This will be costed and paid for by you as a stand-alone assignment.

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