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Assisting European Companies to Access International Markets

For an organisation of any size, identifying, approaching, understanding and operating successfully in a new market is a time-consuming and costly endeavour. Exporting can produce many rewards to the company but it never comes attached with a guarantee for success.

The process that starts with a decision to find opportunities beyond the borders, will continue with the necessary planning and allocation of resources required for exporting, and then culminates with the completion of the first deals until finally gaining a sustained presence in the market, is a difficult and slow journey sprinkled with uncertainty.

Fortunately, for European companies interested in exploring new markets and expanding internationally, Imexman Ltd Agency provides all the assistance needed to achieve exactly that. We know the trade and have the right skills and expertise to help you realising your export goals with minimal risk and in a cost-efficient manner.


If your company is looking for either starting to export or increasing your current exports, following are some of the many reasons why for you it is a great alternative to utilise our services.

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Our teams count on qualified professionals with well-earned field experience, based locally in the countries where we operate.


Because of that we know the culture and traditions in the market and are always up to date with the state of local current affairs.


We are able to provide valuable insights and explore opportunities on your behalf.


Among many other things, we can assist you with market research, routes to market, connection with stakeholders, dealing with imports, regulatory compliance, production of documentation, sales, marketing, and customer support.

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Every assignment is based on your particular and constantly changing needs.


The objectives and time scales that you set are our own and we always strive for finding and implementing solutions that are practical and cost-efficient.


We work in the field and in the course of our work we may sometimes, regrettably, encounter dishonest individuals who try to take advantage of the power that comes with their positions.


We are very aware of anti-bribery laws and will never be complacent with devious third-parties.


Differently to many consultancy firms offering similar services to ours, we stand out for our hands-on approach.


We do not just provide you with information. We operate in the field and carry out the tasks and do the work for you.

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We understand the importance of fluid and timely communication.


We communicate in simple terms and avoid just trying to impress you with unnecessary data or redundant academic theory that add little value to achieving business objectives in practice.



If we are keeping you interested with our proposal so far, you may still have some more questions about what we offer. If that is the case, hopefully in this section we will clarify some of those for you.


The efforts, dedication and professionalism we put into our work cannot be given for free. Having said that, we know that a deep and realistic analysis of what goes into exporting to a new market will show that our prices and payment terms are very reasonable and fair. We are the ideal partner for you to succeed in your export efforts.

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Whether you are taking the first exporting steps, or you already export and just want to expand horizons, or maybe you need some extra support locally in a market you already operate in. Whatever the case is, we can assist you. If your company is an SME that lacks the in-house resources needed to tackle the work by yourselves, reach out to us and let us together explore the best way in which we can assist you.  


We do not offer a one-size-fit-all service. The specifics of our assignments are agreed with the client in advance and they are tailored to suit their particular needs. Every partnership we hold is based on the partner’s goals and the contracts are made to provide security and stability to the partnership but with the objective of serving a commercial rather than a legalistic purpose.


Our business activities are concentrated in Europe, Latin America and Oceania. More specifically, the countries we cover are, in Europe, countries within the EU, in Latin America, Mexico, most of the countries in Central America, and in the south, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. In Oceania we currently operate in New Zealand and Australia.


Our services and expertise revolve mostly around materials for construction, green technologies, and innovative products. We can assist any European manufacturing company but we do not work with perishable goods, food, or fast-moving consumer products. For the products we represent, we work closely with our partners in case any training is required for the proper use or further understanding of their products.


The partnership between the client and us is based on our three core principles: Trust, Exclusivity, and Control. We follow these principles in all the work we do and during the entire length of a partnership. We like to think of these principles as the ethical guiderail that channels our work and provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that their interests are always well protected.


We work for and on behalf of your brand. Without exception, all your rights, intellectual property and private information are in good hands with us and always safe.


The assignments are carried out applying strict discretion and when required, under full confidentiality.


We give you our total assurance that for the entire length of our partnership, we will never work for a product that directly competes with the one(s) we represent on behalf of your brand.


All our efforts and dedication are allocated to only one product line at a time.

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In our partnership you are in the driving seat. The contents of our assignments are defined by your objectives and requirements.


Should you ever feel the need to stop an assignment for any reason, our contracts are rolling contracts with short-notice periods and termination at-any-time clauses.


Imexman IE is formed by a multi-national team of professionals with a diverse range of business expertise and skills. Our professionals are based in the country they operate and each of them possess a good level of practical experience in addition to academic qualifications.  


The company opened for business in 2012 in the United Kingdom under the name of Imexman Ltd. Its dual main office, initially based in Manchester and London, has since been relocated to Cork, Republic of Ireland. As for many other British companies, this drastic and unintended decision came as a result of the disruptions brought to the business by Brexit. The company’s operations in the United Kingdom are now closed and the British clients are serviced from the EU.


If you are a European manufacturer of construction materials, green technologies, or an innovative product, and are interested in developing, expand, or increase your exports to other countries within the EU, in Latin America or Oceania, we can be of help.



Our mission is to facilitate the connection between innovative European manufacturers and discerning European, Latin American and Oceanian customers for the mutual benefit of all parties.

To achieve this mission, we are continually in search of experienced and talented individuals based in Europe, Latin America or Oceania.

You can work with us if you require flexibility or if you can only allocate a limited amount of time.

If you have experience in areas related but not limited to, international trade, customs procedures & documentation, imports controls & licensing, bonded warehousing, international shipping, free-trade agreements, commercial, labour or intellectual property law, market research, sales, and marketing, we want to hear from you.


Please get in contact with us by filling in this form to the right.

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!


Our mission is to facilitate the connection between innovative European manufacturers and discerning European, Latin American and Oceanian customers for the mutual benefit of all parties.

To achieve our mission, we are always interested in been approached by European manufacturers of any size interested in starting or increasing exports to any country in Europe, Latin America or Oceania.

If you your product is associated with the construction industry or may be considered to be an innovative or a green technology product, we want to hear from you.


Please get in contact with us by filling in this form to the left.

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